On January 14, a three-day charrette workshop took place, the effect of which was the concept of the development of the Municipal Functional Area in the area of Karsznice. The meetings were held in the PCKSiR conference room at ul. Dolna 41 and were open to all interested. The inaugural session was attended by representatives of local governments participating in the partner project of designating MOF: the Zduńska Wola poviat, which is the project leader, the Łask poviat, the city of Zduńska Wola, the Zduńska Wola commune and the Sędziejowice commune, as well as specialists from the railway, road, logistics and urban sectors, businessmen and residents of the areas covered by the project.

The first presentation concerned the conditions for the creation and operation of the multimodal port in Karsznice, which is to be the main factor in the development of the MOF. As the representative of the Lodz Region Spatial Planning Office stated, the success of MOF seems obvious when infrastructure elements appear. Currently, a thorough market analysis is needed – the construction of a dry port depends on the interest of the business.

The second important element of the MOF project is the construction of a connector between the Zduńska Wola Karsznice junction on the S8 expressway and the current national road 12 (14). A representative of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways informed that after the opening of the S8 in the first quarter of 2015, DK 12 (14) will become a local road, which is important when planning the connector; unexpectedly, he also stated that there was no inlet for the connector at the interchange near Marzenin. Participants in the discussion wondered whether the requirement to maintain the durability of the project would allow the inlet to be made within 5 years. The staroste, Wojciech Rychlik, said directly that the local governments had been deceived and that the only chance to build a link is to use the 2014-2020 financial perspective.

The afternoon session was intended for consultations with residents, three variants of the connector routing were discussed, which is to fulfill two functions: communication and pro-development – investment areas are to be built in the vicinity of the connector. Discussions on this subject will be continued on Wednesday, while on Thursday at At 16.00, the results of three-day planning works, carried out “on the spot” by the project implementers – MAU Mycielski Architecture & Urbanism, MConnection, and the Łódź Regional Development Agency will be presented.

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Map of the Municipal Functional Area Zduńska-Wola Karsznice

The Urban Development Plan of the Functional Area Zduńska-Wola Karsznice

The Concept of Development of the Municipal Functional Area Zduńska-Wola Karsznice

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