For years, we have observed a growing demand from local government entities for high-quality expertise. #EIL_PL was created in response to this need. In the face of ongoing climate change, local authorities increasingly expect studies of the highest quality, created by the best European experts in their fields. The #EIL_PL team is made up of just such specialists and scientists, using the Ecosystem Integration Lab formula to support local governments in their endeavors.


EIL_PL was created as part of a Horizon 2020 project, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The HEI4S3-RM (Higher Education Institutions for Sector 3 – Raw Material) project aimed to create innovative units focused on developing solutions to foster better integration of involved entities into the local ecosystem.

Our team

The uniqueness of #EIL_PL lies in our focus on collaboration with the public sector. The researchers and experts involved in the project have years of experience in supporting local governments with their expertise. The interdisciplinary nature of the team allows us to gain a broad perspective on problems and seek solutions that take into account local specificities.


  • Tailor-made solutions: EIL tailors its initiatives to the unique strengths and priorities of each participating institution, ensuring a local approach to innovation.
  • Cross-sector collaboration: We foster cooperation across industries and sectors to develop sustainable, efficient and cross-sector value chains.
  • Support for carbon regions: EIL focuses on regions transitioning from coal industry to innovative solutions, supporting their economic transformation.
  • Inclusiveness: EIL brings together small and medium-sized higher education institutions, recognizing that innovation and expertise are not the domain of large universities alone. Smaller universities are often more flexible and well-embedded in their regional ecosystems.
  • Focus on local and regional needs: EIL emphasizes the importance of local solutions, ensuring that innovation is not limited to urban areas and addresses the unique needs of specific regions and communities.



If you need more information about this project or see potential for your city contact me.