We are happy to announce that the European Regional Center for Ecohydrology (ERCE) has joined #EIL_EN. The cooperation agreement was signed by Malgorzata Grodzicka-Kowalczyk during a ceremonial meeting with ERCE Director Prof. nadzw. ERCE PAS Katarzyna Izydorczyk. ERCE – the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences functioning under the auspices of UNESCO is a world leader in the development of ecohydrological sciences and their implementation for the restoration of freshwater resources within the framework of the International Hydrological Program. For us, the partnership with ERCE means a strong reinforcement in water solutions incorporated in our research and implementation activities.

Why is the joining of ERCE so important?

Strengthening the interdisciplinary nature of #EIL_PL: ERCE complements our team with experts in ecohydrology, which will allow us to offer even more comprehensive solutions for local governments.
Access to comprehensive solutions: Combining ecohydrology expertise with other disciplines represented in #EIL_PL will provide local governments with access to solutions that include both ecological and hydrological aspects.
Innovative water resources management strategies: Collaboration with ERCE will allow us to develop innovative strategies for managing water resources in the context of climate change, which is a key challenge for Polish local governments.
Support in achieving sustainable development goals: ERCE’s experience in ecohydrology will provide valuable support to local governments in pursuit of sustainable development goals.

We are confident that ERCE’s joining #EIL_PL will have a positive impact on the development of the consortium and its activities for the benefit of Polish local governments.