First meeting PULL boat as part of the REPAiR project

In February 2017, the first of the series of meetings of PULL (Peri-Urban Living Lab) in Łódź was held in the framework of the REPAiR project financed under Horizon 2020 with the number of Grant 688920.

PULL is a project tool used in the development of the strategy. During the work-meetings of local experts and people involved in the operation of the city-input data are generated for the development of an action plan in the application of the Cyrkularnej economy policy solutions. As part of the PULL organized in six research areas, the input related to the city's metabolism necessary for building models within GDSE is collected. An important point in the PULL operation is the exchange of experience – the knowledge resulting from the activities of the project in six countries.

In a meeting organized by the project partners: the Institute of Geography and Spatial management of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the OLP company with limited liability PHENO HORIZON attended representatives of local governments, Policy-makers in the field of spatial and strategic planning and, above all, those responsible for the implementation of waste management processes, water, environmental quality.

During the workshop work conducted by the "Problem trees" method, the main problems and challenges of the metabolism of the area analysed were analysed.

REPAiR PULL Meeting in Łódź