New procurement modes, new cooperation opportunities for the contracting authority and the contractor "

Starting the meeting plenary session under the motto technical dialogue, innovation Partner or competitive dialogue? It has allowed to bring...

MAŁGORZATA GRODZICKA-KOWALCZYK consultant for spatial planning and participation

Małgorzata Grodzicka-Kowalczyk of the PHENO HORIZON team has been a consultant for spatial planning in the project carried out by the Ministry of Investment and Development within the framework of the Operational Programme knowledge education Development, priority Axis II, Action 2.19 Streamline investment and construction processes and spatial planning. Work will be carried out in several provinces across the country


In February 2017, the first of the series of meetings of PULL (Peri-Urban Living Lab) in Łódź was held in the framework of the REPAiR project financed under Horizon 2020 with the number of Grant 688920.


PHENO Horizon is one of the partners of the REPAiR project (REsource Management in Peri-urban areas) under Horizon 2020. The...

Expertise: Estimation of costs and benefits for the metropolitan area of Łódź due to the emergence of the bipolar system

On 1 October BR the Regional Planning office of Łódź Province concluded an agreement with the Pheno Horizon to draw...

A research project on local communities ' attitudes towards burdensome investment

Together with the Institute of Geography and Spatial management of the Polish Academy of Sciences, we implement a research project on local communities ' attitudes towards burdensome investments. The project financed by the National Science Centre is titled "Application of the concept of the place and social capital for the analysis of spatial conflicts of the NIMBY type in rural areas in Poland".

PHENO HORIZON member of the Łódź Chamber of PRZEMYSŁWO – Commercial

The PHENO HORIZON joined the group of Companies in Łódź Chamber of Commerce and Industry-the largest organization of economic self-government...

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