PHENO HORIZON is one of partners in the WATERDRIVE (Water driven rural development in the Baltic SEA Region) project realized with Interreg Baltic Sea Region

  • FINANCING: European Community
  • Timeframe: Until June 2021


The aim of the team is to improve the water management policy at the local and regional level in the entire Baltic Sea catchment area.

By implementing smarter water management practices in agricultural landscapes, we want to reduce nutrient loads by 30-50% that have a negative impact on water and natural ecosystems in the Baltic Sea region.


The WATERDRIVE project is adapting and using tools at national and local level.

Innovative cyber technologies with detailed methods of realizations

Policies and financing of water management

Program for building capabilities in intelligent water management in rural landscape


Baltic Sea with its low salination level is almost entirely closed off. That leads to lower water exchange with the ocean and cause significant pollution, which originate in 9 countries surrounding Baltic, to accumulate.

The waters collected by the rivers of the Baltic Sea catchment carry high loads of nutrients from smaller tributaries. The indirect cause of this situation are agricultural activities leading to overfertilization of the sea. This, in turn, causes its death, creating oxygen deserts and disturbing natural ecosystems.

Water exchange in the Baltic Sea lasts 30 years, hence the need for integration and intervention at local levels in order to prevent an ecological disaster in the Baltic region.

Water and natural ecosystems in the Baltic Sea region are negatively affected by high nutrient loads, eutrophication, droughts and floods. The project establishes innovative cross-sectoral cooperation between local authorities, farming communities, farm advisory and other water and land managers in the field of high productivity of ecosystems, efficient management of growth resources and risk management.


Take part in consultations of the Intereg Baltic Sea Reagion program until September 4th.

How can Poland benefit from BSE funds? In your opinion, what are the most important tasks facing the Baltic States?


  • More innovative economy and society
  • Public services responsive to changing conditions
  • Sustainable water managment policy adapted to climate change effects
  • Blue economy, resilient to climat change
  • Cirural economy
  • Low-emmision energy system
  • Ecological and inteligent transport

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