Małgorzata Grodzicka-Kowalczyk from the PHENO HORIZON team became a spatial planning consultant in a project implemented by the Ministry of Investment and Development under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program, Priority Axis II, Measure 2.19 Improvement of investment and construction processes and spatial planning. The works will be carried out in the area of several provinces throughout the country.

The main task will be to guide the representatives of local governments through the consultation process of planning documents – consisting of both providing substantive and organizational support. During the project, planned for several months, municipalities will organize meetings following the developed individual consultation plans, create auxiliary materials necessary for the proper conduct of works, and – ongoing promotion of the project among the local community. As a result of involvement in the project, a group of local experts responsible for spatial planning will gain new skills and learn new techniques for involving residents in complex planning processes.

The above-mentioned activities will be carried out by municipalities with the use of ministerial grants awarded for this purpose, and the grant giver of the project is the Foundation for Management Initiatives from Lublin.