Transition from linear to CYRKULARNY MODEL in construction – the role of public authorities

We invite you to a third debate on the cycle of "construction in the closed loop" under the title: Transition from linear to Cyrkularny model in construction – the role of public authorities, organized by the Institute of Responsible Development.

The meeting will take place on 26 February 2019. Details of the participation can be found at: https://w

Examples of countries that are leaders of transformation from the linear model to Cyrkularny in the construction sector show that the actions of public authorities are invaluable in implementing Cyrkularnych solutions.

Regional Office of Lodz Voivodeship in Brussels Marshal office has been supporting this direction of development for several years. Through the implementation of the SCREEN project has implemented many tasks for the transformation to the cyrkularnej economy. One of the results of the work is the report: "Interviews with economic operators Cyrkularnej in the Łódź Voivodeship – industries: modern textile and fashion industry (including design) and advanced building materials". As authors of this development we will be the most important conclusions from the study present. See you.