Regional expert Forum 2017

The next edition of the regional expert Forum was held on June 20, 2017 in the Provincial Entrepreneurship Center in Łódź, on the street of President Gabriela Narutowicz 34. The event is organized by the Pheno Horizon. This year the main partner was the company SKANSKA. The supporting partner was ENGIE company and the law firm of Eger & Eger. The media patronage over the event took the Journal of Łódź. The event was held through cooperation with the Department of support of the public-private partnership projects of the Ministry of Development and the Office of the Marshal of Łódź Voivodeship.

The aim of this year's meeting was to provide practical knowledge of the implementation of actions in the amended Law public Procurement law, together with an overview of the possibilities of effective implementation with a special discussion:

Plenary session "technical dialogue, innovation Partner or competitive dialogue? New modes for awarding public contracts, new possibilities for cooperation of the contracting authority and the contractor "with the participation of special guests: Michał Piwowarczyk-Ministry of Development, Marcin Pawlak-Marshal Office of Łódź Voivodeship, SKANSKA S.A. -Director of the region, Maciej Kopanski – Engie installation technique Sp. z o.o., Marcin Pluta – Mayor of Brzeziny, member of the Board of Straw

"Technical dialogue and innovative partner. and Lodz practice ".

Experts: Director of the Department for Project Management UMŁ, expert SKANSKA S.A. (moderator: Martyna Lubieniecka SKANSKA S.A.; Szymon Misztela PHENO HORIZON)

"Regional tram partner task".

Experts: DEP Director. Regional Policy UMWŁ, representative of the Association of the Łódź metropolitan area, President Pabianice, President Zgierz, expert SKANSKA S.A. -Engineering competence, expert SKANSKA S.A. -Formal and legal competence (moderator: Marcin Pawlak Marshal Office Lodz

"Design, build, finance. The prospect of JST. "

Experts: City of Zgierz, city of Pabianice, expert RPO UMWŁ, expert in law firm Eger & Eger Lawyers, expert SKANSKA S.A., DNB Bank Poland S.A. expert (Moderator: Maciej Kowalczyk PHENO HORIZON, Katarzyna Kopczyńska-Eger Law Office Eger & Eger)

Among the guests who participated in the Forum were P. Grzegorz Mackiewicz – Mayor of Pabianice, p. Marcin Pluta – Mayor of Brzeziny, member of the Board of the Association of Łódź metropolitan area, p. Robert Abramowski – Head Department of support of Public-private partnership projects of the Ministry of Development, p. Marcin Pawlak – Deputy director of the Department of Regional Policy of the Marshal of Łódź Voivodeship, p. Waldemar Olbryk – Vice President Business Development SKANSKA Infrastructure development, p. Karol Bandura – Coordinator of Business Development SKANSKA S.A., p. Janusz Grądzki – Director of new technology group Engie Polska.

A summary of the design workshops build Finance

The regional expert Forum has proved to be an excellent opportunity to discuss the possibilities of implementation of the projects by local government units in the formula designed to build finance. This formula allows the majority of construction risks to be shifted to the contractor. The purchaser makes payment only after final acceptance of the works in convenient instalments over a period of several years or even a dozen. This formula also eliminates the need to consider expenditure in the individual debt ratio of the investee. In the formula to build finance, it is possible to implement a wide range of projects from termomodernizacji objects, by building passive objects, by performing renovations of lighting, roads or eventually construction of parking lots and other Public buildings. The representatives of the municipalities show that the demand for such investments is enormous. We encourage you to contact us to provide details of the implementation of projects in the design formula to build finance.

Katarzyna Eger – Law Office of Eger & Eger