The regional expert Forum is a series of meetings of representatives of the world of self-government and business dealing with key challenges in the development of strategy, management and implementation of investments, created in response to the needs diagnosed during the work With the development leaders.

RFE complements events like the economic Forum or the European Economic Congress. The formula of the meetings within the RFE, however, distinguishes them from others. The meetings are organized on a custom-made basis and invited experts help to develop solutions that result from individual needs. The intimate nature of the meetings and their relaxed atmosphere are conducive to establishing a relationship between the guests of RFE. The knowledge of invited experts – top-notch specialists in their fields allows to obtain real support and knowledge of interesting solutions.

Participation in RFE is for those responsible for managing local development processes not only the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and close meeting of high-class specialists, but also to present specific challenges and consult ways Solutions to emerging problems and exchange of experience.


The regional expert Forum is an initiative of the PHENO HORIZON group, which has been providing investment support and development planning for years. Depending on the subject matter discussed, partners are invited – top-class specialists in their fields.


The regional expert Forum – as befits an organized “custom-made” guest event is a mobile event. In cooperation with partners from all over Poland the events within the RFE are organized in selected, convenient cities of the country-the previous editions took place in Lodz, Gdańsk and Lublin.

RFE experts

Among the invited experts, RFE found themselves m.


Paweł Orlowski Regiolalnego Development Ministry (until 2015)
Elżbieta Królikowska – Kińska Office of the Marshal of Łódź Voivodeship
Marcin Wojciechowski Group M20
Marcin Pluta mayor of Brzeziny; Association of Polish Cities
Małgorzata Zielińska GNI Bank Polska S.A.
Justyna Kubera GNI Bank Polska S.A.
Marzena Frąckowiak – Ciodyk GNI Bank Polska S.A.
Marcin Pawlak Marshal Office of Łódź Voivodeship
Artur Habza, Marszalkowski of Lublin Voivodeship
Bartosz Mysiorski Kancelaria Dentos
Bartosz Herbs Amber Global Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Grzegorz Teresiński Ypsilon Consulting
Karol Bandura SKANSKA S.A.
Janusz Grądzki ENGIE Polska Sp. z o.o.
Katarzyna Kopczyńska – Eger Law Office of Eger & Eger
Martyna Lubieniecka SKANSKA S.A.
Krystian Malczewski SKANSKA S.A.
Zbigniew Mixed SKANSKA S.A.
Waldemar Olbryk SKANSKA S.A.
Mirosław SKANSKA S.A.
Szymon Misztela EKSA Sp. z o.o.