In January 2019, the assumptions of the circular economy, as well as activities carried out in European cities, were discussed during the 4 Design Days in Katowice. Alexander Wandl was a guest of the panel, during which the condition of cities, the main reasons for changes, and the impact of the circular economy on the condition of regions were discussed.

During the discussion on the necessity to “restore” cities, Alexander Wandl drew attention to the influence of the linear economy on the current shape of cities and the challenges they are facing. When asked about the ideal city, he indicated that it is a city that is designed and managed in such a way that it can regenerate itself.

Participants of the meetings also pointed to certain limitations in the implementation of the principles of circular economy – including ensuring the flexibility of Polish cities – in the applicable legal regulations.

This year’s edition of 4 Design Days hosted about 500 speakers related to the creation and management of space. Meetings of architects, town planners, and representatives of institutions managing the space were an opportunity for interesting discussions on current challenges.

Alexander Wandl
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