In 2021 we have started cooperation with the town of Opoczno. Our task will be creation of strategic documentation for local authorities, required by both Polish and European law. We are planning to conduct innovative project with goal of economic, social and environmental development of the town. To achieve that are plan to use endogenic potential of the region with support of local institutions.

This complex, long-term cooperation we hope will lead to best usage of local human and environmental potential in order to create prosperous future for the town.


Together with citizens and local authorities we will complete 3 tasks:

Local development plan for key areas of the town
Township Develpoment Strategy for Opoczno
Documentations for contest

Local development plan

In order to create Local Development Plan for town of Opoczno we will conduct those tasks:

  • Inventarisation of resources
  • Strategic workshop with wide range of stakeholders
  • Drafting initial concept
  • Draft for Master Plan with cooperation with local institutions
  • Final report

Township Development Strategy

Township Development Strategy will be prepared with appendix regarding Development of Tourism

This part of cooperation will take place in 3 stages:

  • Analysis of initial properties of the town
  • Public consultations with report on findings
  • Environmental check of Strategy draft

We will also prepare:

  • List of projects with possible sources of funding
  • Compatibility report with other strategic and planning documents
  • Development Strategy document with presentations for town council


Last part of our support for Opoczno is Documentation for contest aplication. Contest “Opoczno 2.0 – new opening. Opoczno – safe ecological regional enterprenual center with recognizable brand and strong local identity”

Maciej Kowalczyk

If you need more information about this project or see the potential for your project or initiative, contact me:

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