In mid-October participants of the “Building Ecosystem Integration Labs at HEI to foster Smart Specialization and Innovation on Sustainable Raw Materials -HEI4S3-RM” project met in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. During two days conference members had presented their plans for next 6 months.
Meeting was also the occasion for getting to know each other. Leader of the project presented Oviedo with its mining and industrial legacy and opportunities for future of Asturias. We have experienced unique character, customs and history of the regions. Those important integrations
actions contribute to building strong European community both internally and externally which support EIT Raw Materials policy.


Consortium decided on many details on tasks within respected workpackges. Thanks to this meeting we had a chance to learn about potential of local innovations ecosystem of TALENT EU which operates in Mieres and region of Asturias.
We have also managed to organize short workshop on importance of social media in conducting efficient promotion of project and experts associated with HEI4S3-RM.


2nd Day of conference gave partners a chance to present themselves. They have specified their perspective, which lead to better understanding of tasks which HEI4S3-RM realize in border EIT Initiative Raw Materials strategy.
Meeting have allowed learning about interesting initiatives in Asturias region and challenges of heavy industry in context of European strive for climate neutrality which directly impact each other.