Regional expert Forum 2016

Our goal was to draw attention to the role and importance of the public consultation processes in their practical application in the daily activities of local government – in terms of planning, conducting and promoting activities.

The first regional expert Forum was held on 09.02.2016, under the name: the originator and initiator of the Pheno Horizon (OLP Sp. z o.o.) . The conference brought together more than 100 leaders of the Łódź Voivodeship. The topics covered were the most up-to-date and samorządowców many emotions related to the new regulations on strategic and planning solutions.

The theme of the conference is divided into three thematic blocks:

Block 1: Social participation in the conduct of revitalization and planning activities.

The specific need to take such a consideration arises from the adopted new legal regulations including:

It was important for us to develop a dynamic formula of the meeting, so we first took the method of substantive introduction in the form of short instances of specialists and co-creators set. In this role with great pleasure heard deputy of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional development of Paweł Orłowskiego and vice-President of the Union of Polish cities Marcin Pluty. Part of the workshop, during which Wypracowywano selection of participation techniques for planned activities revitalization in the municipalities of Łódź Voivodeship led experts Pheno Horizon.

Block 2: Social participation in city marketing.

City Marketing (in connection with the marketing of Regions) was the theme of the next part of the conference. Analysing examples of the promotional activities that have been carried out so far in the Łódź Voivodeship and examples from the country, during the discussions with the experts, the impact of the ongoing promotional activities on economic development and the flow of new Investment in the province. It discussed the role of involvement of local leaders, experts in increasing the effectiveness of processes. In detail, the opportunity to engage local communities to actively participate in the implementation of long-term marketing efforts for cities but also in rural areas. During the workshop part with the participation of experts for the promotion of the State from the Marshal Office of the Łódź Voivodeship, the effectiveness of the previously applied promotion methods for the province and individual municipalities, as well as In the provinces of investment zones.

Block 3: The most interesting techniques of social participation.

In this part of the meeting presented some more interesting techniques of consultation, some already used by local governments, others are still new and arouse many emotions and interests. Presented the most extensive tool used in particular in the implementation of planning documents-workshops Charrette. In the panel led by Margaret Grodzicką-Kowalczyk A substantive introduction was presented by Daniel Piotrowski, designer, specialist in the design studio MAU Mycielski Architecture & Urbanism.

The next presentation allowed participants to learn about a new tool that allows them to gain an extremely engaging attitude of participation among the local community and on the other hand to build a new channel for funding and promoting tasks Public in a modern way. In the subject was introduced US Bartosz Filip Malinowski of CROWDthinks best Polish Crowdfindingowiec, Inspirator, creator of such channels as and

Useful online Application consultation tools presented to ESRI representative in Poland (Link: our business Partner events.

Thanks again to all the participants for coming and welcome to the next editions of RFE!